Hoogland Lymphoma Biobank

How To Get Involved

The Lymphoma Biobank at the University of Chicago Medicine is a resource for the collection and storage of biospecimens from lymphoma patients. This research tool also includes a database with patient genetics, information about the patient’s environment, and the patient’s lifestyle information with the intention of being able to draw connections between these health factors and the type of lymphoma a patient has. Information collected by the Hoogland Lymphoma Biobank at the University of Chicago will support new techniques for treating patients and will ultimately help researchers and physicians to better understand the complexities of this disease.

Through a generous donation from the Hoogland family, the University of Chicago Medical Center was able to create the Lymphoma Biobank. The first patient was enrolled in April 2014. Since then, there have been many new additions as patients come to the University of Chicago seeking treatment for their lymphomas. All personal information is kept strictly confidential in a secured database throughout the lifetime of the study. Patients will be asked to participate in lifestyle surveys throughout their enrollment in the biobank. When patients consent to donate biospecimens, they will come either from routine procedures or past/future biopsies.

The stored biospecimens and database that together are the Lymphoma Biobank will be studied by physicians and researchers to increase their understanding of how to diagnose, treat, and prevent lymphoma. With the help of patient donations, the Lymphoma Biobank at the University of Chicago is able to take a step toward better medicine to help those patients with lymphomas. If you are interested in becoming a part of this step forward, please contact the Lymphoma Biobank at lymphomabiobank@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu.